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Aldnoah.Zero (Japanese: アルドノア・ゼロ Hepburn: Arudonoa Zero), stylized as ΛLDNOΛH.ZERO, is a mecha anime television and print series created by Olympus Knights and A-1 Pictures. It presents the fictional story of the Vers empire’s 37 clans of Orbital Knights’ attempted reconquest of earth—enabled by the empowering titular Aldnoah energy/drive technology—following return to earth as a more technologically advanced people after a human diaspora to the planet Mars.

Created by Gen Urobuchi with direction by Ei Aoki, the series features principal Japanese voice acting by Natsuki Hanae, Kensho Ono and Sora Amamiya. The series began in July 2014, and as of March 2015, had presented two full 12-episode seasons, with Urobuchi, Katsuhiko Takayama and Shinsuke Onishi, and then Hiroyuki Sawano and Kalafina, respectively, receiving principal script-writing and music credits. In the accompanying manga, Olympus Knights and Kiyokazu Satake, and then Pinakes and Mahi Fuyube, respectively, receive writing and illustration credits.

Aldnoah.Zero was announced on February 15, 2014, as a project headed by Nitro+, with animation by A-1 Pictures and TROYCA. It was created by Gen Urobuchi and is directed by Ei Aoki, with mechanical designs by Kenji Teraoka, characters by Masako Matsumoto, and designs by Takako Shimura. Aldnoah.Zeros production committee, Project AZ, consists of Aniplex, Houbunsha, Tokyo MX, Nippon BS Broadcasting, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, MAGES, Nitroplus and Movic.


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