Beast King GoLion

Source: Wikipedia

Beast King GoLion (百獣王ゴライオン Hyaku Jūō Goraion, The King of Hundred Beasts GoLion) is a Japanese super robot anime television series. The animation from GoLion was edited and trimmed to create the Lion version of the American Voltron: Defender of the Universe series, with new names and dialogue, as well as several plot changes. In 2008, GoLion was released on Region 1 DVD in three volumes. GoLion footage was heavily edited and re-assembled by World Events Productions in the U.S. to create Voltron.

Changes made to the series included rewritten dialogue, omitted character deaths, toned-down violence, and altered plot developments. In addition, Toei Animation Ltd. created and animated a brand new plot arc specifically for the U.S. Voltron series. Toei sold all of its rights to GoLion to World Events Productions, as GoLion had achieved only average ratings in Japan, in comparison to the popularity of Voltron in the U.S., and the series has yet to receive a DVD release in Japan.


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