Crusher Joe

Source: Wikipedia

Crusher Joe (Japanese: クラッシャージョウ Hepburn: Kurasshā Jō) is a series of science fiction light novels by Haruka Takachiho and released by Asahi Sonorama from 1977 to 2005. During the late 1970s one of the founding fathers of Studio Nue, Takachiho decided that besides being a designer he would try his hand at penning novels. The result was Crusher Joe, a group of anti-heroes who were not the typical self-sacrificing types but noble in their own right nonetheless.

Crusher Joe was made into an animated film in 1983, and a pair of for-video animated episodes in 1989. The film version won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize in 1983.

The movie and the OVA series are currently licensed for English language release by Discotek Media.

The 1983 film version was released on LaserDisc in 1996 with English subtitles. It was released on VHS in the United States by AnimEigo on 27 June 2000 in both dubbed and subtitled versions. A DVD released by AnimEigo on 23 September 2003 contained the original film and both OVA versions. All are now out of print.

A version of the 1983 film was released in the UK on VHS, under the name “Crushers”. Aimed primarily at children, this version was dubbed into English. Particularly violent/sexual references were cut.


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