Super Dimension Century Orguss

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Super Dimension Century Orguss (Japanese: 超時空世紀オーガス Hepburn: Chōjikū Seiki Ōgasu) is an anime science fiction series. It inspired an OVA sequel series called Orguss 02. Orguss was the second part of The Super Dimension trilogy from Big West, preceded by The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and followed by The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross.

Orguss was originally planned to be used as the third season of Robotech in the United States, just as the two other Super Dimension series (Macross and Southern Cross) were used for the two first seasons. However, rights issues resulted in Harmony Gold using the Genesis Climber Mospeada anime instead. Additionally, these three series are not sequels, prequels, or even in the same story universe as one another. Their only connection is the “Super Dimension” moniker in their titles presented by Big West.

Of the Orguss’ 35 episodes, only 17 of them were available in English. They were available in dub-only format in the early 1990s on video tape from U.S. Renditions, before the majority of the company’s shows (excluding Orguss) were bought up by Manga Entertainment. Manga Entertainment released Orguss 02 on both video tape and DVD.

On April 16, 2007, ImaginAsian announced that they would broadcast Super Dimension Century Orguss on ImaginAsian TV, and would thereafter give the series its first complete North American DVD release. The first 17 episodes would also have the old U.S. rendition dub. Unfortunately, due to lack of sales, the program was discontinued. Discotek Media has since licensed the series for a DVD re-release in 2015. Discotek released Orgus on DVD on September 29, 2015, including the dub episodes.

Orguss 02 (オーガス 02 Ōgasu Zero Tsū) is a 6-episode anime OVA released in 1993 and based on the 35 episode TV series Orguss which forms much of the backstory to the OVA. It was released on DVD in the US and UK by Manga Entertainment.

Taking place 200 years after the story of Orguss, the OVA deals with an early industrial society finding advanced mecha weapons called Armors (referred to in Manga’s translation as “Decimators”) and how they are now used as tools of war. The story focuses on the question of why these mecha are present in this world, where they came from and the history surrounding them.


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