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Alpha Strike A beta is meant to hunt down bugs and tweak game design. However, it is not a replacement for alpha feature development. Mechwarrior Online‘s game-balance with weapons and mechs were essentially broken at beta. Network issues abounded, causing many players to experience Mechwarrior 3-style lag and rubber-banding. The rising chorus of complaints on the forums began to reach fever pitch. The initial goodwill of long-suffering fans to their franchise-rescuing developers melted like a
A Blast From The Past For the most part, Mechwarrior Online avoided the technical pratfalls of Mechwarrior 3‘s broken AI and poor multiplayer, and completely avoided Mechwarrior 4‘s fan uproar over simpler, faster gameplay. However, it did suffer from the one constant illness every game in the series (with the exception of Mechwarrior 1) fell prey to: a publisher burning the IP to the ground in an attempt to suck every last cent from the
It’s still alive after all these years! I can remember thinking something along those lines when seeing the first news post about Mechwarrior Online a couple of years ago. I felt the familiar surge of mixed emotions rise up once again: excitement instantly tinged with fear and horror at how badly this might end. Like seeing a shambling zombie rise from the grave for the sixth time. Much like the land of Mordor, one does

On Star Blazers

Posted by Jamison Banks on August 15, 2016
As a four year-old, the joys of UHF channels were numerous. They were the 1970’s equivalent of YouTube, showing a variety of things that regular network VHF channels simply couldn’t broadcast. Their boilerplate schedule typically included old sitcom re-reruns and movies the networks couldn’t be bothered to find ad revenue for. But every now and then, something truly unique would appear. And school mornings were no different. I still remember one particular morning. It was

Meet The New Boss(es) . . .

Posted by Jamison Banks on May 21, 2015
As I sit here the night before my wife, the Blonde Italian, returns from traveling over seas, I cannot help but wonder about how both of her cats will welcome her home. And will they. After all, they are cats. This means they’re complicated creatures who, once their mama walks through the door, will become simultaneously overjoyed, sad, angry, and mischievous, all at the same time. Where both cats differ is in how they passionately